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” Be Realistic! Everybody makes mistakes. Forgive and forget and continue living. By giving a person Love you make them grow.”

Forgiveness is for all. By forgiving we bring healing to ourselves. Healing Energy is everywhere and it is available all the time but, by harboring anger and hatred one creates blocks which can cause energetic congestions and precipitate as diseases of the physical body or of the mind.
the technique of letting-go must be often explored by those who are seeking inner peace and healing. Once you let-go of the matter, it doesn’t belong to you. What does not belong to you will not thrive on your energy. When excessively attached to something it thrives on you and it can deplete your energies. Letting-go is the best way to be de-attached from such energy consuming events or people.
No attachment, no energy loss.
This also is a technique of freedom from unwanted and unnecessary entanglements. 
After forgiving we must also project loving energies to the person being forgiven. This is the secret of the technique. The process doesn’t end with forgiving but it has to be combined with projecting love. Psychologically the person being forgiven will not feel lost because of the loving energies projected to him or her. Love energy is like a cushion, an invisible support. 
This allows one to develop the ability to contemplate, get freedom & become stress free. 

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