The Great Vision

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The Great Vision 

The target is produce one Pranic Healer for every family.
One Arhatic Yogi for every one thousand people out of the present population of about seven billion people.
The target is to produce seven million Arhatic Yogis.
Out of every ten Arhatic Yogis one senior Arhatic Yogi will be produced. A total of seven hundred thousand Senior Arhatic Yogis will be produced.
Out of every one hundred Senior Arhatic Yogis the target is produce one baby Arhat or seven thousand babyArhats. Out of every hundred baby Arhats the target is to produce one fully matured Arhat or a great Arhat. A total of seventy fully matured Arhats or great Arhats.
Out of the seventy great Arhats hopefully three Holy Masters or three Great Ones will be produced.
If this can be done within one hundred fifty years time the world will change, be transformed and progress beyond recognition.

If this can be accomplished, we can have heaven on earth.                      – GMCKS


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