The Science of Tithing

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“It is in giving that we receive”

Tithing is an old English word for one tenth “tithe”

Tithing has been advised by all religions globally. It simply means to give from what one has earned. Giving is the ability of the Heart. When we give what is part of us, we are blessed with more. In doing so we generate a lot of good karma. The need for generating more and more good karma is not for those in crisis but for everyone to have a smooth and easy life. Charity and donations enable us to receive. It is making oneself entitled to be recipient of rewards that is due to us. When one doesn’t give then eventually one will run out of things. Tithing is like inhalation and exhalation. Can we just inhale all the time? We also have to exhale. At the same time when we exhale we also have to inhale. Tithing is the same, when we give we shall receive and when we receive we have to give again.


Where Can We Tithe?

We can tithe to anyone. It is giving our money and a part of what we have earned. It could be given to anyone – family members, friends, relatives, house helps, needy and the poor etc. but this giving is not to be done just once. It has to be regular and rhythmic like the breath. It is also important to give to the place from where we have been benefited or where we have learnt many things. We have to give to the work of our Spiritual Teacher to help spread the valuable priceless teachings.

This is very scientific. When we give, we create more channels for ourselves from where we can receive more. When we receive more we are at a better hand to give more. This is a natural process.  When we sow a seed we reap many many fruits. Similarly with Tithing, money can be used to bring health, wealth, joy etc. So when we tithe we can pray for fulfillment of a wish. It is not a selfish motive to ask for good karma generated through tithing to come back for a specific purpose. It is just the universal law for accelerating the natural process of occurrence of the similar event.

Tithing could also be giving away clothes, food, possessions and other things. Things that we do not use any more should be given away – this is a good training for letting-go. Sometimes we get excessively attached to some clothes, shoes, watches even if we are not using them for a long time. It is time to let them off the shelf now. Give them away as soon as possible to the right people. 

When to Tithe?

Tithing can be practiced on any day; it can also be practiced on special days like a full moon, which is the most powerful day of a month. Very effective when done on the most powerful full moon of the year during the Wesak celebrations. During the period of Wesak, the energies are very high and it is believed that whatever we wish can manifest. The secret of manifestation is the energy behind the wish or the thought and enough good karma. On the day of Full-moon by taking part in the special mediation one can generate a lot of good karma and use the energies to bless and pray for materialisation of goals. Donations made on this day bring more blessings to the donor. The effect of donation or tithing on a special day like this is so much greater than any other ordinary day of the month.  

Tithing to parents – in some cultures, parents consider themselves the providers for their children and refuse to take money from their children, so one can start a fund in the name of the parents, or buy things for the  household like groceries, accessories, etc. Gift are also considered as tithes. Giving back to our parents is a form of gratitude also our duty, it is an obligation.

Tithing to helpers, relatives – once a while one can tithe to the maids, helpers, keepers, some relatives who had helped in the past at times of need, etc. some how we are obligated to these people. It is how one can share the goodness, this need not be done monthly. Giving bonuses, vacation gifts etc can be a form of tithe.

We have to become generous donors and humble recipients. Giving and receiving must be done with a proper attitude. Anything that we do is associated with energy and energy follows our though. While giving one must have the highest good intention for the person whom it it given to and while receiving one must always be super grateful. Gratitude is the key to Humility & Prosperity. Effects of Tithing is cumulative. it adds-on to the previous tithe and the plus plus effects brings great good-fortune, good-luck, prosperity & abundance in life. When we give, we also have to receive otherwise the cycle is not completed. Since we received we are also required to give 

” Tithing regularly develops the heart. Within the heart is the kingdom of God, and thereby we shall inherit the kingdom.”

Based on the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui

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