A Treatise on Seven Rays – RAY 7

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According to Holy Master DK through Alice Bailey, The Soul qualities are expressed through the seven Rays. The energy of the Soul is 7 fold, each Ray comprising of different colour.

The 7th Ray is the ray of Ceremonial Magic also known as ‘Ray of Ritualistic Decency.’ Simply called the ‘Organizational Ray’

– This ray is the energy of the appearing New World. It deals with structure & organization management. This ray brings forth more order & clarity – functions, authority, responsibilities, accountability, clear lines of communication, standard reporting forms & reporting schedules, standardized operating procedures [MCKS – GLS]

Standardisation forms a structure to be followed by many people, eventually making it a system viz. Pranic Healing® – is a system having procedures, techniques & systemic protocols which when repeatedly applied & followed again and again gives almost similar results. This is a very good example of organization & structure – Ray 7.

Ceremonies, rituals & Magic is when the Laws of Nature are followed using certain repeated Mantras – powerful words or repeated hand gestures – Mudras & Tantra & it results into an outcome suited & desired by the performer. This is why it is called Ceremonial Magic – using the Energy of the 7th Ray.

Ray 7 is also energy of change. The future Race on Planet Earth is slowly coming into power which is today the highest expression i.e. Organization – this is the ‘Will towards Expression’. It is an expression of will which drives through into outer manifestation; it is that which embodies both periphery & the point at the centre. It is the will to “ritualistic synthesis”, involves rhythm & pattern leading to more orderly evolution.

The energy of Ceremonial Order is to produce new forms of civilizations. It is the Law – connected to the Mahachohan. It controls the elemental forces & the involutionary process & the form side of the three kingdoms in nature. It holds hid the secret physical colour & sound. It is responsible for creation of the future race (the prototype) on our planet. It promises to produces beauty, order, perfect wholes & right relationships [Expressions]. Law & order, military, army, navy, etc. are expression of Ray 7. It is magical as the Law is Nature’s Law & therefore manipulative & of Divine Manifestation. This phase would be a phase of transition from Idealism to Ceremonialism.

The Master in charge of the ceremonial Ray is – Master Rakoczi – an Hungarian also known as Comte de St. Germain earlier Roger Bacon & later Francis Bacon. {Shakespear}. He is concerned with ceremonial rituals, esoteric rituals like the Freemasons & various fraternities & of the Chirches. [Master R – Lord of the Civilizations]

Ray 1 is of Will or Power, Ray 2 is of Love – Wisdom while Ray 7 is Ceremonial Order – combination with rays 1 & 2 – the will to love & will to order – produces beauty out of present chaos.  7th Ray nations are predominantly Russia & Spain. Masons, Financiers, Great Businessmen, organisers of all kind come under this Ray.

7th Ray Qualities

Virtues –  Strength, perseverance, courage courtesy, extreme care in details, self reliance.

Vices –  Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgements, self opinion, over indulged

Plus points to be acquired – Realisation of Unity, wide – mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness & love.

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