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  1. To person/s who have hurt you  –

 Atma Namaste _/\_      

I Salute the Divinity within you. I forgive you. You are completely forgiven for all the hurts and pain done to me from the past until now. May you be blessed with peace & love. 

Please go in peace.

  1. To same person/s whom you have hurt in return – 

I Salute the Divinity within you. I realize my mistake of hurting you consciously and unconsciously. I am extremely sorry for all the pain caused to you. I ask for forgiveness and peace between both of us. May Gods love be upon you & me. Thank you for forgiving me for my mistakes. May there be peace between us. 

Atma Namaste.   _/\_      

Go in Peace. 

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

  1. Forgiveness to Oneself – 

Lord Please forgive me for all the hurt and pain I have cause to myself on all levels physical, emotional, mental and others. I love myself. I willing let go of all the past. I will not repeat the same mistake again. I will take care of myself. Thank you for your compassion & mercy. Thank you in full faith. 


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