Who am I

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This is an interesting question any one can ask oneself

Who Am I?

Does it give you a clear answer

It is clear for some people

I am a mother, a father, a brother or a sister, a husband or wife … A teacher, a professor, a  doctor, an architect, an engineer …. A guru, a pupil, a mentor, a disciple….

But these are only roles that we play or take up in life.

So Who Am I in the real sense?

According to many teachers on the spiritual path, I am is the essence of every one. Master Choa Kok Sui gives this as an experience in his workshop called Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul. In Hinduism – the I am is also known as the Athman – Adi Sankara in his expositions made it clear that all things are of the Athman who is none other than the Brahman or God. The Word Athma means Self or in other words Soul or can also be coined as the Ego as they say in the Theosophy. This question brings us to the realisation that I am not just a male or a female, Indian or European or American but I am also of the Earth. I am an intelligent entity. I am an emotional being. I am also a Spiritual Consciousness.

So this awareness starts to kick in as we ponder on this beautiful question further. The point is that this awareness begins to sink in further and reality begins to change that the physical realm and all the accolades & qualifications and achievements are not the True Me but there is more to this Me – the I am

I am for some people can just be like a channel of information or medium for knowledge or conduit of Gods energy. It can be that little awareness which makes me live, talk eat, sleep, rest, work and meditate. The I am can be of different qualities if looked at from the aspect of physical, emotional & mental perspective. Physical I am is dense which can be touched, moved around, felt and seen. Emotional I am is fluidic and not dense anymore, it cannot be seen by most people but can be felt and its vibrations can affect one or many at the same time based on its strength. Mental I am is like a thought or an Idea – which cannot be seen or felt but can affect other peoples ideas when it is written or read or seen or thought upon. ( pondered on)

I am is therefore both Matter and Soul or spirit. Now there is also a greater I Am which is called the Essence or Monad or Divine Spark or Pramathma.

In many compositions by the holy saints in India, the composer constantly advices the Mind to dwell upon the Paramathma which is the true quality of each one of us.

As my teacher – Master Choa Kok Sui explains that there are different levels of truth at all times and different facets of truth, so the I am is the Monad which encompasses me the Soul and further descend to have a rare form called the Mind and slightly more denser Astral body and then to live in the physical etheric form. I am so is of two major parts – I am the as the spirit and I am as the vehicles or matter.

The perception of a spiritual disciple or a seeker, this is known as consciousness and Oneness of this consciousness. A disciple experiences himself to be the I Am (soul) and one with the I Am (soul) of his Teacher. During meditation he experiences him being the soul of the planets or as the I am of the Sun which is just an expanded state of his consciousness or in other words it is the experience of the greater I am which is encompassing the smaller I am and the subtle vehicles including the physical dense body.

So Who is this I am

Is it me? is it Us? is it God? It is this all pervading energy which encompasses all of the universe yet resides individually in every cellular life to galactic existence ?


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