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Headache MigraineArthritisJoint & Muscle pain


High CholesterolSciaticaUlcersGastric troublesHernia

CancerFibroids & CystsIrregular MensesTumours

Infections & Fever InsomniaHeart BlocksStrokeEpilepsy

Anaemia, Lukaemia & Blood DisordersAppendicitisHepatitis

Piles, Fistula, FissuresAll types of AllergiesTonsillitis Vertigo Varicose veinsBurns, Cuts & woundsHormonal Imbalances

Skin disorders – Itch, Pimples, boils, scars, Psoriasis, Eczema/Dermatitis

Urinary disorders & Kidney StonesInfertility, sterility, impotency

Pregnancy, Birth, Delivery, Miscarriage, STDs and more….


Other Speciality clinics

Pranic Facial rejuvenation –  Face Lift & Pranic Body sculpting & weight loss

Regeneration therapy – arthritic joints, damaged organs & tissues, Kidney, Liver, Brain regeneration – cell regeneration

Pranic Psychotherapy – for stress, tension, depression, anxiety neurosis, hysterias, phobias, suicidal tendencies, schizophrenias, bed wetting, drug/alcohol/cigarette addictions

Emotional Counselling & Relationship Healing

Financial Healing

Pranic Feng Shui for Home & Office

Spiritual & Material wealth – For a successful wholesome Life

Homoeopathy for health – consultations & treatments



Dr Raghavan G (Prashant) BHMS


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